"Utilizing Studylog to Efficiently Run HuTrials"

Crown Bioscience White Paper on the significant impact Studylog has played in their HuTrials

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Due to the sensitive nature of preclinical work, as well as confidentiality agreements, the identities of our clients must remain anonymous. We can provide references upon request.

"I can’t imagine working without it. It’s way more than we expected."

P.I., Biotech

"This was one of the most successful projects we have done. Usually I hear all the complaints from all of our implementations, but the Studylog stakeholders are really happy. I wish our other projects went this smoothly. Thank you."

V.P. of I.T., Pharmaceutical Co.

"It is a great way to store all of our animal data in the same format so that it is easy to access it in the future."

P.I., Academic Institution

"The program makes collecting data incredibly easy by importing it directly from devices, saving time and reducing errors."

P.I., Pharmaceutical Co.